Hercules Galaxy Cluster 2000

Thank you for viewing the Hercules Cluster, located 500 million light from earth, consisting of a couple of hundred galaxies known as Abell 2151.
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  1. June 17, 2017 - Reply


    I was seriously considering of replacing my GSO RC 12″ with 14″-16″ Orion Optics AG Newton or something similar. Can you give some review of mechanical quality and need of re-collimation

    And if you dont mind, some pictures of scope.

    Thank you

    -Jussi Koponen

    • Paul C. Swift
      June 17, 2017

      Hello -Jussi I find the AG14 to be a very stable instrument. I have
      collimated it once (with cats-eye tools) and even after moving to my new location collimation held. The other thing to mention, is that focus is also very stable. I have the Orion in-house Baader steel track type of focucer and find it works well with the AG set-up. Free to contact me again here or though FB instant mail if you have any other questions. https://www.facebook.com/moonrocksastro

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